Tips and Advice on Doha..

Good to know information before you visit Qatar..

Aside from things to See and Do in Qatar, here are some good to know information  before you catch your flight. I hope it ‘ll help you get better prepared to explore.

  • What to Expect in Qatar:

Qatar is a  small and conservative Country. In early 2017, the total population was 2.6million with expatriates making up a whooping total of  2.13 million.

  • Language:

Arabic is the official language but English is widely spoken here.

  • Time

GMT + 3

  • Climate:

It’s very hot in Qatar (it’s the Middle East after all), especially in the summer period. Be prepared! Don’t forget your sunscreen, sunglasses ….and stay hydrated.

  • Currency:

Qatari Riyal (QAR) is the national currency.

  • VISAs and Travel Documents

All visitors to Qatar require a visa. Some countries are eligible to “visa on arrival”. Check if your country is one of them. The visa fees depends on your nationality. I paid 100 QAR  (+/- 28euros) at the passport control counter.

  • Airport:

Hamed International Airport is one of the best in the World. It has some amazing facilities which includes lounge services. Economy passengers can access some of the lounges for a fee, which is super cool.

Connectivity at the Airport :

There is free wifi available at the airport. Once off the plane, you can connect while making your way through baggage claims and passport control. You might just want to send a message to your loved ones upon your arrival. I did just that!

Transportation from the Airport:

  1. Taxi
  2. Buses
  3. Car hire

Taxi : Take a taxi from the left end of the arrivals hall. Follow the ” Taxi “ sign or ask at an information desk for direction. The minimum fare is 25 QAR from the airport. Make sure you have enough cash at hand, as they don’t accept credit cards. 

Bus: You can also opt for a bus. There is a Bus terminal at the airport. Get your bus card at the counter.

Hotel Shuttles : If your hotel has this service, be sure to check with them to arrange it.They should meet you up at the point after the baggage claims.

Car hire: Or you can simply arrange a hire.

 Getting around Town:

Taxis (Karwa) are the most convenient way to get around and are affordable too. There are two types, the ‘karwa” (general ones) and the limousines. The Limousines are more expensive  but also more comfortable.

  • Dress code

Qatar is an Islamic country. They are conservative. Dress modestly when out and about. There is no such restriction at the hotels.